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Top 4 Tricks to Clean & Care for Your Makeup Brushes by Kayte Abaffy

You’ve ordered a gorgeous set of professional makeup brushes and you’re using them every day. How do you keep them just as fluffy and pristine as the day they arrived on your doorstep? Dirty makeup brushes and applicators can harbor dirt, dead skin cells, product residue and harmful bacteria. And all of those things can cause breakouts instead of the flawless finish you’re after. Here’s how to keep your makeup brushes in tiptop shape. Take notes, your skin will thank you! 1. Wash Makeup Brushes Regularly Plan to give your makeup applicators a thorough cleaning once a week (or every two weeks) depending on how much use they get. -  Run your brushes under warm (not hot!) water to remove...

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7 Ways to Be Confident Your Fragrance is Authentic by Kayte Abaffy

If you're someone who loves shopping for beauty products online, you know how lovely it is to have your favorite beauty products delivered to your doorstep without ever leaving home. But once your order arrives, how can you be confident that it's authentic? Here are 7 ways to know that your fragrance or perfume is the real deal. 1. The Packaging The glass of your perfume bottle should be smooth and without scratches or air bubbles. Any areas of the box that are sealed should be free of heavy glue and cheap tape. Take a close look at the plastic wrapping. Brittle, cloudy or sloppy plastic wrap is often a sign of a knock off. And finally, check the placement...

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